Rent a room scheme

Rent a Room Relief allows householders to rent a room or rooms in their property free of income tax, PRSI or USC up to a maximum of €14,000 per year. This amount includes any payments made to the householders for electricity etc.

Irish holding companies

Investors into European Union (EU) countries and countries where Ireland has signed a double tax treaty can save tax by using an Irish holding company for their investments

Dublin Accountants

Ireland has attracted more than it’s fair share of multinational technology companies and the whole country has benefited as a result. We are based close to the centre of Dublin, with easy access to public transport.

Moving to Ireland

Firstly average salaries in Ireland are €45,000 per year. However salaries in the IT sector are higher at an average of €57,000 per year. At €57,000 per year you will bring home €40,000 assuming a single persons allowances.

Systemising your business

Of all the things you can do to help build value in your business, building a system to run and manage your business may be the single best thing you can do to create that value.

What are my Tax Credits?

Tax credits can be deducted from your tax bill.

Everyone receives personal tax credits. Depending on your circumstances you may be entitled to other tax credits.

Business Plan

A business plan is a document that contains a profile of your company, and a vision of its future. You may give it to potential lenders, investors and partners, and you may also use it internally to plan for the future of your business

Mileage rates for employees

Mileage rates for employees

Revenue have agreed mileage rates for employees who use their own cars in the course of their work.