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What OSA McQuillan will do for you

We produced business accounts for our clients in 2024 on average within 28 days of getting the books and records. Therefore you, the business person, have more time to budget for the year ahead knowing that reliable information about your business for last year is at hand, and also knowing that you are up to date with the taxman and the Companies Office.
You can register with us by printing out the form and emailing it back to us – the form is here: Register with us

We give clients a list of key dates in advance of the year ahead and that means that they know whats coming up. Our clients miss less deadlines and pay less late fines than clients of other practices.

We send client a checklist of what we need to start work on their accounts. That way we waste less time going back and forth looking for information we should have asked for on day one.

We guarantee

  • That changing your annual accounts to OSA McQuillan will be easy and hassle-free – we’ll look after the details in the changeover from your old accountant and guarantee that all information will be received and processed correctly by us
  • To look after your affairs on time
  • To remind you in advance of deadlines for tax returns and Companies Office returns
  • To help you make more profit in your business next year with our advice
    If you require a quick response to problems your business has, we will agree service levels with you guaranteeing response times

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OSA McQuillan Accountants and Business Advisers

We promise you will get your accounts back faster.

Our focus

We want to help a manageable number of clients and work with them really closely so we can help them to achieve success in their business.
We aim to deliver our services and communicate accounting and tax information in plain everyday language, to a very high quality, as quickly as the client wants us to, and so we can give the tax, business advice and support that they really value.If you think we fit the bill see Register with us for more on prices and our service package.

What difference does it make to have accounts earlier?
You can plan for the next year, by setting targets, financial and otherwise. If you get accounts in July or August for the previous year, they are of little use to you because the figures are so out of date. After all you’ve only got a few months of 2023 to correct any mistakes you made in 2022 if you are getting accounts in September 2023 for 2022. Make sense?
Time and again we see customers who can make a difference in the coming year armed with the information from last year – planning how to increase sales, profits and have more for themselves.

We take on new customers who are confused by accounts, and have never had accounts fully explained to them. Because when they are fully explained, accounts can be a great tool to manage your business. Based in Dublin, you can meet your accountant face-to-face to get advice on your finances and tax affairs, and eliminate some of the confusion around those issues.

Client Survey

In March 2019 we surveyed our client base leading us to draw some conclusions. We got an average of 89% from the clients who we spoke to.This is a list of the questions we asked and the average scores.
Value for money and recommendations to others

A. How do you rate the value of the service(s) providing by OSA McQuillan? (compared to your investment in them) (where 10 is maximum) Average 9.3
B. Are you likely to recommend OSA McQuillan to your contacts, friends and family? (where 10 is maximum) Average 9.7

Accountancy and Tax Services

C. Rate the time taken to complete your accounts? (where 5 is maximum) Average 4.3
D. How easy was the accounts preparation process for you? (5 maximum) Average 4.3
E. Did the accounts review process help you to look forward? (5 maximum)Average 4.0
F. How would you rate the time taken to complete your tax return? (5 maximum) Average 4.2
G. Was the tax return process easy for you? (5 maximum) Average 4.4
H. Rate the accuracy and efficiency of our payroll service (5 maximum) Average 4.1
I. Was it easy to go through the payroll process? (5 maximum) Average 4.9

Business and Consultancy Services

J. Can you rate the impact of the consultancy service on your personal life? (5 maximum) Average 4.6
K. Please give a score for the impact of the consultancy service on your professional life? (5 maximum) Average 4.7
L. Was the consultancy service good value compared to your investment in it? (5 maximum) Average 4