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When to register for VAT?

VAT is short for Value Added Tax and it is a tax that is paid on most goods and services at every stage of production and distribution. As a business owner, you may need to register your business for VAT and charge VAT on your goods/services.

Tax free vouchers for employees

Under Revenue’s Small Benefits Exemption Scheme you can give employees a small benefit of up to €500 in value, tax-free, each year. This benefit must not be in cash.

Accounting for VAT

The distance selling rules only apply to sales you make to customers who are not VAT registered. They apply to any type of sale, however, so include sales via your website, by phone, or by mail order.

Accountants in Dublin city 

We are Accountants who offer the best services in Dublin, for small and medium sized and large companies we have a state-of-the-art team that will grow your finances and we will help you to emerge in these difficult times, we can offer you specialized packages for companies and sole traders.

Income Tax bills for 2024

Do you wonder what your Income Tax bill will be for 2024? We set out below a table of amounts you will pay as a single person with a personal allowance and a PAYE allowance, depending on the amount you earn:

How to get a tax clearance certificate

A Tax Clearance Certificate ( cert ) is confirmation from the Revenue Commissioners ( Irish tax office ) that a person’s tax affairs are up to date at the date of issue of the Certificate.

Business books

This book is a follow-up to Cialdini’s previous book, Influence. In a nutshell, the author claims that we should focus on the moments before a buying decision is made to persuade your potential customer that they should deal with you.