Income Tax bills for 2023

Do you wonder what your Income Tax bill will be for 2024? We set out below a table of amounts you will pay as a single person with a personal allowance and a PAYE allowance, depending on the amount you earn:

Register of Business Owners

If you own or control more than 25% of the shares/voting rights/ownership interest in a company or through control via other means you need to include this information on the Register of Beneficial Ownership (RBO).

Experiences and motives.

Whether you are starting a small or large company, it can be difficult to understand accounting jargon. This can confuse and distort your ideas for your business due to not knowing where to start with your finances, and in the long run it is very important to keep all your tax and regulatory affairs up to date.

Rent a room scheme

Rent a Room Relief allows householders to rent a room or rooms in their property free of income tax, PRSI or USC up to a maximum of €14,000 per year. This amount includes any payments made to the householders for electricity etc.

Irish holding companies

Investors into European Union (EU) countries and countries where Ireland has signed a double tax treaty can save tax by using an Irish holding company for their investments

Dublin Accountants

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