How to get a tax clearance certificate

A Tax Clearance Certificate ( cert ) is confirmation from the Revenue Commissioners ( Irish tax office ) that a person’s tax affairs are up to date at the date of issue of the Certificate.

The certs are online so can be downloaded at any stage so you need to be careful to keep your affairs up to date.

Once you give someone your cert number and the code to access it, they can go online and check it any time they want to – for example before doing a payment run.

This is a guide on how to apply online for your tax clearance cert for a sole trader or company.


Go to the Revenue Commissioners website

Go to

On the top right hand side it will say if you have a tax clearence cert.   If you never applied before this will say ”Apply for tax clearance”  Click on that text.


Click on Apply for tax clearance certificate.


You will be in a wondow called Manage Tax Clearance.  Click on Apply and work through the screens.  The Reason for Tax Clearance – click on the reason or if you are applying for your own information click on Required by Financial Institution.


You should get a cert back or if not you will get a message telling you what you need to do / filings to be done before you qualify for a cert.


File outstanding forms / filing, pay off taxes due and re-apply in a few days if you dont get a cert immediately.

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