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Client Agreement Form

Please fill in the short form below to register with us. After we run through our famous 5-minute onboarding process, you will never worry about your tax or accounts affairs again as we will look after them for you.

If you are about to set up a company in Ireland and you have any question about accounts or tax or how to register with us and be a client please contact Eamon O’Sullivan at


Only fill out this form if you would like to make OSA McQuillan your accountants and be a client of the company.

What OSA McQuillan will do for you

1. Send you Year End Accounts which will be to be given to you within 30 days of us getting all the key data from you
2. Send Abridged Company Accounts if needed
3. Income tax return. The first income tax return that we will be filing is for the year ending 31st December 2023
4. Corporation Tax filing*
5. Sort out VAT returns.
6. Dealing with the Revenue Commissioners.
7. Dealing with Companies Office*
8. Payroll admin including filing month end returns, send employees payslips, get notifications from Revenue about employees tax credits.
9. Tax and accounts advice meaning you can get help when you need it.
10. Use of online accounts package worth €27 per month
* – these items are for limited companies only

To provide a great accounts service to you

What we’ll ask of you

1. Email your purchases and sales invoices.
2. Send any letters you receive from Companies Registration Office, or the Revenue Commissioners office as soon as you receive them. We can deal with issues as they come up.
3. And finally each month send us copies of your bank statements each month.

Our Fees

We charge €239 per month for our services for up to 40 transactions where you are registered for Corporation Tax, PAYE and VAT.  We can develop a quote for you online for anything else – just go to the Accountant Dublin page and set up an appointment where it says ”Book a call”

Before we get year end accounts ready we need to get 12 monthly payments from you after you register with us. There are no extra costs when you join us as a client or for leaving.

You can claim all our fees against tax, which is up to 55% for sole traders and 12.5% for companies. Fees are paid by 12 Standing Orders so you have full control.

Services and Pricing

  • The most popular services we provide are:
  • 1. Set up a company in Ireland – we charge €199 to incorporate a company. This is for advice on your company in a face-to-face meeting or phone call with an accountant, plus formation of your company if that is the best solution for you.  These add-on services are also popular:
  • (a)  First Annual Return due within 6 months of registering a company €160.
  • (b) Register for all relevant taxes ensuring you comply with all your obligations from €399 plus VAT depending on your business.  To register your company for VAT you will need to have an Irish bank account and be carrying on a business in Ireland.
  • (c) Provide an Irish resident director €5,000 per year or part thereof.
  • (d) Use of the address of our Dublin accountants firm as a registered office €320 plus VAT per year or part thereof.
  • (e) Post forwarding €199 plus VAT to be used as a deposit depending on the volume of post.
  • 2.  Annual Accounts for small companies.  We do a ”soup to nuts” package providing all services, so you never have to worry about accounts, tax, returns, filings, payroll service or Companies Office returns again.   We keep all bookkeeping records at our office and use our software to file all tax returns as a result this saves you the expense of buying and maintaining extra software.  See ‘Register with us’ for more information and prices.
  • We also provide other professional services to clients so here is a list:


We prepare monthly accounts for clients that do not have accounts staff.  These accounts could be for internal use, for year-end accounts, in addition to being for the tax office.


We plan client’s affairs in the most tax-efficient way because the more you can take home the better for you and your family.  Services also include the filing of returns under the various tax headings: Corporation Tax – Form CT1 Income Tax – Form 11/12 Value Added Tax – Form VAT 3 PAYE/PRSI – all done online now by us for our clients

Company Secretarial

Limited companies need to file Abridged Financial Statements to the Companies Office.  Business in breach of this risk being struck off, therefore our services can save you from this extra work.

Business Planning

We can prepare budgets and cash flows for internal use or for banks and grant agencies.