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Every business needs accounting services, but a lot can be automated now.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR ) is a technology that is around for a long time - yet the accounting services industry is only now harnessing the power of OCR to cut processing times for customers and help get tax and other reporting done faster.

Here at OSA McQillan we use scanning to input masses of data that we previously keyed in, thereby saving that time and passing the benefits on to the customer.  The end product is accounts that the customer can log in to and see all transactions immediately.  The customer can run his own reports and generate sales invoices from within the program.  Purchases ( Expense ) invoices can be emailed to a email address dedicated to that customer, and those transactions will show up in the accounts almost immediately.

Is the customer wants it, we at OSA McQuillan can get a bank information feed so that the bank transactions go straight in to the accounting package for analysis, again ensuring quick reporting for the customer.  Sales statements for customers can be emailed straight from the accounting system, thereby cutting down on administration time.  It seems to us that contractors particularly appreciate this aspect of the service as they can log in anytime and check on their accounts, issue sales invoices straight from the accounts package, and all back-ups are done because it is a cloud accounting solution.

For a limited time, all these benefits are available to new OSA McQuillan customers free of charge as part of their accounting services package.

Please contact our office for a demo of what we can do for you and your business.