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Built to sell - creating a business that can thrive without you

Following on from the ideas in ''The E-myth Revisited'' which explores the mindset of business owners, John Warrilow's book ''Built to sell'' explains how most businesses are centred on the individual business owner, and therefore may not survive without that owner being involved in lots of day-to-day tasks in the business.

If you don't intend to sell your business why would you even ask this question?  Well it turns out that a well-run business that can run without you frees up time to market, to focus on the right stuff to do rather than looking at doing the stuff right.

We are running an early morning seminar in the Radisson Hotel, Stillorgan on 15th January 2020, starting at 7.30am to give you a route map to maximising the return from your business.

John Warrilow suggests that each business owner should look at their business to see:

Is what we do teachable?  Focus on products and services that you can teach employees to deliver.

Is what we do valuable?  Avoid price wars by specialising in doing one thing better than anyone else. 

Is what we do repeatable?  Generate recurring revenue by engineering products that customers have to repurchase often.

Participants will get a summary of the ideas in the book.

Please email info@osamcquillan.ie with the subject line ''Bult to Sell'' to register for this event