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Change the mix

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So how do you manage to change the mix?  You need to research what you can sell to your customers that gives you a higher margin.


Look at your competitors.  Do they have a different mix?


Look to businesses outside your locality, maybe even look at your sort of operation in a different country to get a new perspective.  There may be a different mix for businesses just like yours.  For example, whats to stop a printing company from selling ordinary stationery, like envelopes, diaries and so forth?  Or from selling websites, and other promotional items.


Many printing companies have expanded their range of goods to sell promotional goods, such as printed umbrellas, banner stands, and so forth.


Look to competitors overseas – you may run a flooring shop selling carpets and lino, what do flooring shops abroad sell?  Do they sell all the extras such as carpet cleaners and saddle boards?

You can see more about my company at www.osamcquillan.ie or if you want to make an appointment to see me you can phone +353 1 283 4123.