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Income Tax for 2018

Do you wonder what your Income Tax bill will be for 2018? We set out below a table of amounts you will pay as a single person with a personal allowance and a PAYE allowance, depending on the amount you earn:

Earnings Total Tax bill – PAYE, PRSI and USC

Gross                Tax                        Net

€10,000         €0                      €10,000

€20,000      €1,737                  €18,263

€30,000       €4,612                    €25,388

€40,000     €8,577                     €31,423

€50,000   €13,452                    €36,548

€60,000   €18,630                    €41,369

€70,000   €23,202                   €46,798

€80,000   €28,401                  €51,599

These are based on current tax allowances for a single person in Ireland for 2018.

If you need to get a detailed answer about your tax please contact our office. Bear in mind that under Irish law, if you have wages from more than one place  e.g. a job and also a business, these are all added to come to your taxable income. If you are a sole trader, then assessable profits are used to calculate your tax bill for the year.