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IT systems

We use up to date IT and software to ensure we work effectively for our clients.  We use Sage Accounts Production for year end accounts, but we also use Big Red Cloud, Sage One, Quickbooks, Googledocs, and Auto Entry to ensure we can get information dealt with quickly.

We can convert any accounts system to a cloud-based system even if it is the middle of your financial year.  Once you have your accounts on the cloud it means you can access all your information from anywhere at anytime, and share that information with anyone that has access to broadband.

All this speeds up the rate you can process data and have it available to file returns or to make decisions on more up to date information.  It means when you are doing credit control, your customer statements are available to you earlier in the month than using traditional methods.  When checking supplier accounts you are using more up to date information.

If you would like more information on how we can upgrade your bookkeeping system, or how we can help you to enter information faster that you do at the moment, please contact Eamon on 01 283 4123.