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Small business accounts

Every week we get calls from business people who are working through their paperwork to get everything up to date.

Often they are drowning in paper, or worse, they have an email inbox full of correspondence which they have to sort through to get their accounts information like purchases in voices, receipts and so on.  The whole situation can become a mountain where a molehill should exist.  So what to do?

First remember that you can't break a bundle of sticks - list all the jobs that have to be done, and if needs be break the jobs down to smaller more manageable steps that you can tackle one at a time.  Then break everything down in to smaller chunks again. Put letters, invoices, statements into month order, buy a paper punch and a few lever arch files and you can file everything away in to a format that you can handle. Longer term that means you can hand it to someone else to look after if that is the way you are going.

As accountants, these are the sort of tasks we do on a daily basis.  However we have injected an amount of automation in to the process where we get all the data from the invoices and get it in to an accounts system quickly, which ( if you want to ) you can view online and get reports on your business.  But that last bit is not compulsory, and if you dont want to log in to look at it then you can leave that to us. You can see a list of our services here: http://www.osamcquillan.ie/register-with-us/