Systemising your business

Systemising your business

Of all the things you can do to help build value in your business, building a system to run and manage your business may be the single best thing you can do to create that value.

This means that you remove yourself from the centre of the web of systems that you have built as a business owner and set your colleagues and staff free to do the work they are paid to do without interference, help or guidance from you, the owner.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to determine if you are at the centre of the business or have systemised it to a degree:

  1.  When was the last time you went on holiday without making or receiving calls to or from the office?
  2. In your opinion do you think that your business will be running just as well without you there?
  3. Does everybody on your team know exactly what they should be doing?
  4. Does everybody on your team know what everybody else in the company should be doing, and can they step into the shoes of the person/people below or above them at a moments notice?
  5. Do you work on the business rather than in it?


How do you tackle these issues? You set up a system which is to be used to run the business in your absence.

Of course even if you build a system that helps the business run without your constant effort and presence, it doesn’t mean that you can’t work in the business. It just means that you don’t have to.

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